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Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaners Cheltenham

Cleaners Cheltenham

How regularly do we visit?

Again, it depends on YOUR wishes. Cleaning can be undertaken weekly or fortnightly 

What if you're at work?

Many of our clients are working professionals; we can (and regularly do) act as key holders and clean while you are working.

Will the same cleaner visit every time?

Yes, we provide the same cleaner, or an alternative cleaner if they are on holiday.

What happens when the customer goes on holiday?

You are not tied to your contract 52 weeks of the year! Providing that you give us a week's notice you can cancel our services for up to six weeks in a year so you wont be charged, for example, if you go away on holiday.

What if there's a problem?

We do our utmost to ensure that the customers receive complete satisfaction. Any queries and concerns are dealt with promptl

How do we pay?

Payments are due monthly on presentation of invoice. You can pay via:

  • Online banking
  • Direct debit
  • Cheque
  • Cash